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June 2018
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 Jadwal Seri- A

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Mysterious Man™
Mysterious Man™

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PostSubject: Jadwal Seri- A   Mon Jan 18, 2010 9:25 am

Daftar jadwal lengkap pertandingan Seri A Italia musim 2009/2010 ini baru dirilis akhir bulan Juli lalu oleh Lega Calcio. .

Pekan 18 6/1/2010
Atalanta vs Napoli
Bari vs Udinese
Cagliari vs AS Roma
Catania vs Bologna
Chievo vs Inter
Lazio vs Livorno
AC Milan vs Genoa
Parma vs Juventus
Sampdoria vs Palermo
Siena vs Fiorentina

Pekan 19 10/1/2010
Bologna vs Cagliari
Fiorentina vs Bari
Genoa vs Catania
Inter vs Siena
Juventus vs AC Milan
Livorno vs Parma
Napoli vs Sampdoria
Palermo vs Atalanta
AS Roma vs Chievo
Udinese vs Lazio

Pekan 20 17/1/2010
Atalanta vs Lazio
Bari vs Inter
Cagliari vs Livorno
Chievo vs Juventus
Fiorentina vs Bologna
AC Milan vs Siena
Napoli vs Palermo
Parma vs Udinese
AS Roma vs Genoa
Sampdoria vs Catania

Pekan 21 24/1/2010
Bologna vs Bari
Catania vs Parma
Genoa vs Atalanta
Inter vs AC Milan
Juventus vs AS Roma
Lazio vs Chievo
Livorno vs Napoli
Palermo vs Fiorentina
Siena vs Cagliari
Udinese vs Sampdoria

Pekan 22 31/1/2010
Bari vs Palermo
Cagliari vs Fiorentina
Catania vs Udinese
Chievo vs Bologna
Juventus vs Lazio
AC Milan vs Livorno
Napoli vs Genoa
Parma vs Inter
AS Roma vs Siena
Sampdoria vs Atalanta

Pekan 23 7/2/2010
Atalanta vs Bari
Bologna vs AC Milan
Fiorentina vs AS Roma
Genoa vs Chievo
Inter vs Cagliari
Lazio vs Catania
Livorno vs Juventus
Palermo vs Parma
Siena vs Sampdoria
Udinese vs Napoli

Pekan 24 14/2/2010
Cagliari vs Bari
Catania vs Atalanta
Chievo vs Siena
Juventus vs Genoa
Livorno vs Bologna
AC Milan vs Udinese
Napoli vs Inter
Parma vs Lazio
AS Roma vs Palermo
Sampdoria vs Fiorentina

Pekan 25 21/2/2010
Atalanta vs Chievo
Bari vs AC Milan
Bologna vs Juventus
Cagliari vs Parma
Fiorentina vs Livorno
Genoa vs Udinese
Inter vs Sampdoria
Palermo vs Lazio
AS Roma vs Catania
Siena vs Napoli

Pekan 26 28/2/2010
Catania vs Bari
Chievo vs Cagliari
Genoa vs Bologna
Juventus vs Palermo
Lazio vs Fiorentina
Livorno vs Siena
AC Milan vs Atalanta
Napoli vs AS Roma
Parma vs Sampdoria
Udinese vs Inter

Pekan 27 7/3/2010
Atalanta vs Udinese
Bari vs Chievo
Bologna vs Napoli
Cagliari vs Catania
Fiorentina vs Juventus
Inter vs Genoa
Palermo vs Livorno
AS Roma vs AC Milan
Sampdoria vs Lazio
Siena vs Parma

Pekan 28 10/3/2010
Bologna vs Sampdoria
Catania vs Inter
Genoa vs Cagliari
Juventus vs Siena
Lazio vs Bari
Livorno vs AS Roma
AC Milan vs Chievo
Napoli vs Fiorentina
Parma vs Atalanta
Udinese vs Palermo

Pekan 29 21/3/2010
Atalanta vs Livorno
Bari vs Parma
Cagliari vs Lazio
Chievo vs Catania
Fiorentina vs Genoa
AC Milan vs Napoli
Palermo vs Inter
AS Roma vs Udinese
Sampdoria vs Juventus
Siena vs Bologna

Pekan 30 24/2/2010
Atalanta vs Cagliari
Bari vs Sampdoria
Bologna vs AS Roma
Catania vs Fiorentina
Genoa vs Palermo
Inter vs Livorno
Lazio vs Siena
Napoli vs Juventus
Parma vs AC Milan
Udinese vs Chievo

Pekan 31 28/3/2010
Chievo vs Parma
Fiorentina vs Udinese
Juventus vs Atalanta
Livorno vs Bari
AC Milan vs Lazio
Napoli vs Catania
Palermo vs Bologna
AS Roma vs Inter
Sampdoria vs Cagliari
Siena vs Genoa

Pekan 32 3/4/2010
Atalanta vs Siena
Bari vs AS Roma
Cagliari vs AC Milan
Catania vs Palermo
Chievo vs Sampdoria
Genoa vs Livorno
Inter vs Bologna
Lazio vs Napoli
Parma vs Fiorentina
Udinese vs Juventus

Pekan 33 11/4/2010
Bologna vs Lazio
Fiorentina vs Inter
Juventus vs Cagliari
Livorno vs Udinese
AC Milan vs Catania
Napoli vs Parma
Palermo vs Chievo
AS Roma vs Atalanta
Sampdoria vs Genoa
Siena vs Bari

Pekan 34 18/4/2010
Atalanta vs Fiorentina
Bari vs Napoli
Cagliari vs Palermo
Catania vs Siena
Chievo vs Livorno
Inter vs Juventus
Lazio vs AS Roma
Parma vs Genoa
Sampdoria vs AC Milan
Udinese vs Bologna

Pekan 35 25/4/2010
Bologna vs Parma
Fiorentina vs Chievo
Genoa vs Lazio
Inter vs Atalanta
Juventus vs Bari
Livorno vs Catania
Napoli vs Cagliari
Palermo vs AC Milan
AS Roma vs Sampdoria
Udinese vs Siena

Pekan 36 2/5/2010
Atalanta vs Bologna
Bari vs Genoa
Cagliari vs Udinese
Catania vs Juventus
Chievo vs Napoli
Lazio vs Inter
AC Milan vs Fiorentina
Parma vs AS Roma
Sampdoria vs Livorno
Siena vs Palermo

Pekan 37 9/5/2010
Bologna vs Catania
Fiorentina vs Siena
Genoa vs AC Milan
Inter vs Chievo
Juventus vs Parma
Livorno vs Lazio
Napoli vs Atalanta
Palermo vs Sampdoria
AS Roma vs Cagliari
Udinese vs Bari

Pekan 38 16/5/2010
Atalanta vs Palermo
Bari vs Fiorentina
Cagliari vs Bologna
Catania vs Genoa
Chievo vs AS Roma
Lazio vs Udinese
AC Milan vs Juventus
Parma vs Livorno
Sampdoria vs Napoli
Siena vs Inter

Jadwal sewaktu2 bisa berubah. .

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Jadwal Seri- A
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